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  • How to Merge Two PPT Presentations Efficaciously

    In this tutorial you will learn some basic tips about how to copying slides from PowerPoint template and using it to another PowerPoint template. You can easily copy slides and use it to another presentation. I am going to give you one descriptive example in this tutorial. Here I am using PowerPoint 2010 version.

    Let's take a step-by-step tour and see how the different functions work and how to make your new PPT on your own:


    Open the PPT presentation you are going to make and the slide you want to copy.

    Now What:

    In this template, you need to right click on the slide sorter view and choose the "Copy" option from the menu. See Example Below:

    Changing the Look:

    Now the time for changing the slide and modifying the look of your presentation, you need to paste your copied slide in the presentation. Just right click on the slide sorter area and click on the paste tab. If you are copying a slide or any slide element like; text, tables, or shapes, to another presentation or within the same presentation, so you can adopt the styles of its destination.

    And if you do not want your slide inherit the design of the present presentation so you can use the "Paste Options" button appears below the pasted slide and then click on the "Keep source Formatting" option to maintain the original style of the slide.

    Now check out the slide you just pasted that appears beneath the slide.

    Important Note:

    If you are using PPT 2007 version and don't see the "Paste Options" button, it may not be enabled. Now to enable it, go on the "Tools" menu, click "Options", and then on the "Edit" tab under "Cut and Paste", select "Show Paste Options" buttons.

    We will come back with more tutorials!

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