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  • Guidance of Making PPT Templates

    Guidance of Making PPT Templates

    If you are looking for PowerPoint customised template for business purpose so this can be your choice. Let’s starts with an example of Work Flow Process Template that allows users to zoom in and out of it. This tutorial helps you to add and modify content to your presentation. The Template of Work Flow Process is made according to the present business requirement with attractive colour schemes and graphics.

    Next move to the "Title" this can be edited in any shape and alignment.

    You can insert picture or any clip art according to your requirement suppose you want to insert your logo of the company you can select it from your database by selecting picture icon.

    After selecting the logo you can also make changes like increasing or decreasing the size of the logo and can place it anywhere in the slide. The logo presents the identity of any company therefore we kept in mind this and make it on our high priority and made a separate space for logo. You can adjust your logo accordingly.

    An appealing image can make a whole template likable. In this one you can change each and every image according to your wish. No matter how much size and colour you want, it is capable enough to handle all your needs.

    Now let’s go ahead and determine the best content space with sub-title space available.

    Sometimes customizing a power point template become hectic because of some shapes apply in it. But with this tutorial enables you to make changes easily. The function of putting shapes can be done by going to the shapes menu. In this template you can change any of the shapes and graphics apply.

    There you can select your shape and redesign it accordingly.

    We hope this helped you to customise PPT presentation.

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